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Steps To Claiming Your Funds

We started this company because life doesn’t give everyone a fair shot. Financial issues happen for many reasons and all foreclosures are not the same. In some cases, the county of clerk office is holding millions of dollars in unclaimed funds.

Since dealing with banks, courts and attorneys can be overwhelming, we are here to help. We automate the process by using technology to do the legwork. After a quick search, a few signatures on DocuSign and a couple uploads that can all be done on your smart phone, our staff will file all necessary paperwork and fight to recover funds.

We strive to be the change we want to see in the world. When automation helps people it’s powerful.

Search Database

Your name and previous address are all you need to search the database. It will take under 10 seconds.

Step 1

Sign & Upload Docs

After we get through some housekeeping; we will need you to sign a few forms and upload a valid ID.

Step 2

Wait for Funds

Our team of attorneys and support staff will fight to make sure you get what belongs to you.

Step 3
24hr a Day
It Only Takes 3 Seconds
$13 298 911
Total money found
Potential Happy Customers
No Money Out-of-Pocket
We will never ask you to send us any money



We started this company because we wanted to help people. We have streamlined the process and will put our team and time on the line for you. These are our client’s reviews so far.

Great folks, easy to deal with. They got me money I didn’t know I had coming to me. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has had a foreclosure.

Thomas Stinson

The staff of Pubdox are angels. We got this at the perfect time. Long story short, God is good and so is Pubdox. Good people and they will fight for you.

Jessica Richardson

These are the wonderful people. I never even thought that this was even a thing. I put my info in and then wola it was couple weeks later I got a check.

Saul Stonebridge

When I needed help the most, Pubdox was there. It was a blessing that was perfectly timed. Their process is seamless and easy to navigate. I almost thought it was too good to be true. Then that magical day a big check showed up in the mail. Thank you Pubdox

Linda Harris


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